junior artistbuilding artistestablished artistmaster artist
mens short25354070
mens medium30404575
mens long35455080
womens short45556070
womens medium50606575
womens long55657080
11 & under
kids short20253550
kids medium25304555
kids long30404560
12-17 years old
student short20303570
student medium35455075
student long45556080
buzz cut18202530
bang trim10101212
beard trim10101212
wash & blow out35-5035-5040-6060+
up style6075-9575-95n/a
add flat iron10101212
add curls10101212

*all colour pricing is a starting point, consultations are recommended before booking your appointment to confirm time, desired results, hair history and budget.


foilyagejunior artistestablished artist
full head – short120150
full head – medium150180
full head – long180210
touch up – short100120
touch up – med130150
touch up – long145180
partial foils – short80100
partial foils – medium125145
partial foils – long125145
t-zone (8 foils or less)100120
toners (colourist’s discretion)20+20+
Paint on
full colour – short80100
full colour – med100120
full colour – long140160
touch up – short6580
touch up – med7085
touch up – long7595
foilyage/instagram hair350+350+
balayage/ombre med225+225+
balayage/ombre long250+250+
full blonding short200200
full blonding med250250
full blonding long300300
touch up blonding – short150150
touch up blonding – med180180
touch up blonding – long200200
fashion colour – short100100
fashion colour – med120120
fashion colour – long160160
vibrants up to 40 g8080
vibrants 60g100100
vibrants 120g120120
vibrants 180g140140
add pre-lightening short150150
add pre-lightening med200200
add pre-lightening long250250
colour change75-100+ per hour, consult required75-100+ per hour, consult required
colour correction75-100+ per hour, consult required75-100+ per hour, consult required
removing black/box dye75-100+ per hour, consult required75-100+ per hour, consult required

Vomor hair extensions

volume and more = #vomorextensions
consultation required

recommended removal and lift every 6-8 weeks. 
all human hair, custom coloured to match Aveda colours. hair can be removed and lifted up to 3 times.

for adding volume, thickness and a little
length (1-2 boxes)
235/box + 60 installation
adds thickness, length past
shoulders (2-3 boxes)
285 per box + 65 installation
for extra long, thick hair with loads of volume (2-3 boxes)
395 per box + 70 installation
12″95 per box
16″98 per box
20″105 per box
12″30 per box
16″35 per box
20″40 per box

Add Ons

scalp treatments
during your AVEDA stress relieving shampoo ritual
dry scalp10
oily scalp10
Pramasana for extreme scalp dryness dandruff or psoriasis35
conditioning masques
dry remedy20
damage remedy20
botanical repair lite25
botanical repair deep25
botanical hair treatments
dry remedy repair shine & body25
damage remedy repair shine & body25
3 layer botanical repair
6 years in the making, this is intense damage repair 3 part treatment
-multiplies hair bonds
-stops breakage
-elasticity returns
-high shine
-skip the cut
can be added after or into your colour service for optimum protection to your hair
hair repair & scalp treatment
combine for total luxury 3 part botanical repair and pramasana scalp treatment – relax and enjoy
add approximately extra 30 minutes
clear gloss & shine
this gloss will fill your hair’s cuticles with conditioning plant essences. smooth and lock in hair colour while adding high shine. 25
refresh toner
return your blonde to ash, cut yellow tones from white hair and blondes. freshen your gold locks, or enhance your beige20
gloss & toner
feeling brassy, faded ends? let us customize a tone for you and add it to our gloss for high shine and the colour you are meant to have.45