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Prep,Prime and Set! – Makeup tip of the Week!

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Hello beauties!! A quick little introduction is needed here. I am Skylar, one of 2545’s newest additions and professional makeup artist! I am here to give you a weekly makeup tip! Yay! As most of you probably know, Aveda products are free from harsh chemicals and waxes. This goes for our makeup and skincare line as well! For my very first tip of the week, I have decided to start with the basics.


A great base makes for a flawless application, aka PREP!

We all should be taking our makeup off at the end of the night but sometimes we don’t do an amazing job of it, and to be honest, sometimes we don’t do it at all (BAD!!!). Aveda has some amazing products to help with the leftover morning grime and get your faced prepped for the day!


We’ll start with removing the old makeup, just in case it was one of those nights! Our beautifying composition oil is the perfect makeup remover. Made with naturally derived oils, such as, rosemary, bergamot and lavender, it gently lifts old makeup and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized.


Removing your makeup:

Step one: Locate the leftover grime and apply Aveda’s Beautifying Composition Oil.


Step two: Gently rub the oil over your left-over makeup until it becomes evenly coated.


Step three: Remove the oil using a tissue, cloth, or cotton pad and reveal makeup free refreshed and moisturized skin that happens to smell amazing.

Moisturizer and makeup remover in one! Score!

Here, you should also wash your face. As great as the Beautifying Oil is for removing makeup, it doesn’t get down deep into your pores like a good facewash does. I HIGHLY recommend the Botanical Kinetics Exfoliating Cleanser. It is gentle enough to use every day without harming the skin and still gives you that freshly exfoliated smooth skin you dream of.


Next on our journey to a flawless application is priming your skin!

I use Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Treatment lotion for my clients! It mists on like a dream and leaves the skin mositurized, and primed for foundation. It is lightweight and non-greasy and works for pretty much any skin type!

This works as the perfect primer before moving on to your regular makeup routine.


Finally, after your makeup is all said and done, you want to make sure it stays that way all day and you look your best! We have something for that too!

The Aveda Skin Toning agent sprays out in fine mist that evenly coats your face, sealing your makeup in for the day and providing your skin with firming, toning effect. It gives you the perfect dewy finish to your look! If you have oily skin, I recommend you skip this step and finish with our mineral powder instead!


Hope this helps you achieve your perfect look! Make sure to stay tuned next week for the makeup tip of the week!

Xoxo Skylar