You must agree to these terms in order to participate in a series of VersaSpa sessions to achieve a tan on your skin.

To help you best achieve your desired results, please read the following material carefully.

  1. A VersaSpa will not prevent your skin from burning in the natural sun or in a tanning bed, Iike a base tan will. Please take the
    proper precautions when tanning with UV light exposure.

  2. Maintaining your color is possible with subsequent visits of every 4-6 days. Healthy, hydrated skin will hold results longer and achieve color faster. Ask a tanning consultant for a recommendation of the proper regimen.

  3. For best results, wait 4-6 hours after using the VersaSpa before showering or engaging in any activity that will cause you to perspire. This will allow your VersaSpa to fully develop and will ensure the longest results.

  4. The VersaSpa booth is designed to provide as even a tan as possible. However, users will be different heights and shapes, and may stand in different positions. It is possible you will find some areas of your tan lighter than others. ln most cases, these differences are minor and disappear after several sessions.

  5. More than one VersaSpa session per 12 hours is not recommended.

  6. Because of the moisturizing agents in the mist, your eyes may feel itchy or scratchy but there is no evidence that the mist will cause them any harm.

  7. All the components of the VersaSpa tanning solution have been used in cosmetics and food products for decades and have proven to be safe for the skin. If you have ever had any adverse effects utilizing self-tanning products or moisturizers, you will probably experience similar effects with VersaSpa.

  8. All the active ingredients in the VersaSpa Solution are FDA approved for use as a self-tanning skin agent. However, the FDA has not specifically approved the ingredients for use in a spray-on mist application. As a precaution, we recommend taking protective measures and if a user chooses, he or she can request protective eyewear, nose filters, and lip balm from the VersaSpa operator.
    We also recommend that you wear protective undergarments.

  9. lf you choose not to use the recommended inhalation protection, we recommend that you hold your breath and close your eyes during the actual misting process, which lasts approximately B seconds per cycle.

  10. Use of personal garments should be of the disposable kind, as the DHA in VersaSpa solution may permanently stain them. After toweling off and re-dressing, the initial bronzers may transfer to your clothing if you pursue strenuous physical activity causing perspiration. Since the bronzers are water soluble, they will wash out.

  11. Many customers wear disposable shower caps (provided by the salon) to keep the solution from getting in their hair, Others tan without covering their hair. The solution can’t penetrate hair follicles and there have never been any cases where the tanning solution has changed anyone’s hair color.

  12. If you have any history of asthma or a respiratory condition that could be aggravated by the use of Versaspa, please consult a physician before using it and be sure to apprise us of any past allergic reactions to DHA products.

  13. Some of the ingredients used in VersaSpa solution contain a sugar base. Use of the machine may cause your blood sugar levels to rise. Please consult with a physician before using VersaSpa if you have a diabetic condition.

  14. I, the undersigned, understand and will comply with all instructions for proper use of the VersaSpa unit. I am using these services at my own risk. I hereby authorize and direct employees or agents of the salon to perform such tanning procedures as may be deemed necessary or advisable, and have provided them with the above information required.

I hereby relieve 2545 Salon and Spa and hold them harmless from any liability involved in the use of the tanning process. The salons and their agents or employees are not liable for any injury to person or property or the loss or theft of any personal property, I know that this facility does not carry liability insurance for injuries caused by tanning devices. I will not tamper with the tanning device. I have been made aware that the salon reserves the right to cancel package without reimbursement for customers who are verbally abusive, act in an inappropriate behavior, do not adhere to the salon rules, and/or act in a destructive or harmful manner. I understand that packages are sold on a per person basis and are not shareable or transferable.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. By submitting my waiver, I confirm that I have read the above conditions and information on the VersaSpa booth.