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We, as hairstylists, know that blondes hold a special place in our hearts and our chairs. The hours of labour, foiling and toning to reveal a flawless, beautiful blonde makes the bleach stains and chemical burns SO worth it! But so many times we see our blondes return to us, sometimes months, later with dull, lifeless blonde that needs some serious TLC! Now we know that any hair colour requires maintenance but what is the best advice we can give our blondes to make their colour last and maintain the integrity of their hair? Here are our best blonde care tips:

1. TAKE-HOME PRODUCTS: When your stylist recommends products for you to take home, they are NOT doing this as a money grab! It is their way of ensuring your salon colour stays salon fresh. Think of it like insurance for your hair. Why spend all that time and money on this beautiful head of hair just to go home and strip the toner off with Head & Shoulders or a similar product?! We are experts at hair care and know how to tailor to your hair needs; please trust us! I personally cannot guarantee my work can hold up if you aren’t using the products I recommended you take home. If you are unhappy with your home products, most salons hold themselves very accountable and will help you find the product that works best for you! Honesty is always the best policy.

2. UV PROTECTION: Blondes and sunshine go hand in hand! They compliment each other but sun can be a blondes kryptonite. UV rays not only dry out blonde hair but will also make it brassy. Without the proper care, your gorgeous icy highlights will be a brassy, gold blonde in no time. We recommend using a UV protective spray like AVEDA Sun Care Hair Veil for highlighted/colour treated hair so you can have fun in the sun and not have to stress about your hair!

3. MOISTURIZING/PROTEIN MASKS: This is so important! When you lift colour from the hair it can often cause a bit of damage and dryness, so it is important to put that moisture and protein back into the hair using a mask 1-2 times a week! Be cautious that you are using the correct mask for your hair so that it does not further damage your hair by making it brittle with excess animal protein as some lines do. AVEDA’s Damage Remedy line contains quinoa protein which is gentle on the hair and only deposits protein where the hair is lacking it so it ensures there is little to no build up causing brittleness. For those without chemical damage, but rather just plain dryness, we recommend AVEDA Dry Remedy hair mask 1-2 times a week or more if needed.

4. BE GENTLE: Especially when you have just had your hair lightened, it is important to take it easy on your hair. Lightening can cause some stress on your hair so take extra good care of it. Braid it at night time, use an appropriate brush to brush when wet, be careful with heat or use no heat at all if you can!

5. REGULAR TRIMS AND SALON VISITS: We all know that regular trims are what is best for your hair. It prevents breakage and split ends and makes your hair feel and look its best! It is a good idea to visit your stylist regularly so she can make sure your hair is getting the care it needs and that you are getting regular trims so you don’t cause extra damage to your hair. Your hair will thank you!

Thanks for reading our tips for blonde hair care! Let us know if you’ve got any tips, tricks or questions!