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Why YOU Should Be Getting Regular Facials!

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We all know that skincare is very important and that skimping on skincare, especially when you get older, can really have a negative effect on our skin. So why is it that we often take good care of our ourselves with regular doctors visits, dentist visits and by eating well but we don’t have our skin taken care of by a professional on the same regular basis? Your skin is the first thing people see when they talk to you, it should be one of your top priorities! Here are our reasons why you should be getting regular Aveda facials!

1. Tailor Made Baby! Our experienced estheticians take into account every little thing about your skin before they customize your facial. This means that even is you have the most problematic or combination skin, they know how to specifically take care of each issue as a separate entity. Beautiful, isn’t it?!

2. Relaxation IS Key! We hold A LOT of tension in our heads, neck and shoulders. Facials aim to release some of that tension, especially in the temples. Through facial massage manipulations and different relaxation techniques using scents and multiple mediums, you will feel extremely relaxed after your facial.

3. Self Care. The proof is in the pudding! Self care never just involves one thing, but a combination of many things in our day to day lives to make sure we are at our best. That may include exercise and healthy eating, meditation, art, etc. It is different for everyone but we are all trying to find balance in our lives so that the daily stressors don’t take over. Skin care plays a huge role in this. Try it out, you will see what I mean!

4. Home Care! At the end of your facial, your esthetician will have a list of recommended home care products and techniques so you can feel and look your best ALL the time! These recommendations are not to be taken lightly, they really know what is best for your skin. You are more than welcome to take a day or two to really see your results if you need the proof or if it is your first facial but remember to keep the list of recommended home care products with you.

We LOVE facials and whole-heartedly believe in them, and we hope this blog post has helped you on your way to your first facial (or maybe reminded you its time to go back!).

Thanks for reading.