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Does Heat Protectant Really Matter?

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So often I get asked, “Okay, but do I REALLY need something for heat if I’m only blow drying/only straightening..etc?” Short answer, YES. You do. I really mean it.

The way a heat protectant works is it adds moisture to the hair so that during the heat styling process, your own natural moisture doesn’t get evaporated. Heat protectants will also form a protective barrier around your hair strand in order to protect your cuticle which in turn makes your shiny.

When looking for a heat protectant, look for one that provides both thermal protectant and protects against UV damage as well. This way you will get the most out of your heat protectant because it will protect your hair from harsh UV rays when you’re showing off your gorgeous locks outdoors. We recommend Aveda Brilliant Damage Control. Apply on damp, towel-dried hair before styling. A big reason why I love this product is even if you aren’t heat styling, you can still apply to protect from UV and you can barely tell there’s anything on the hair! There is no greasy, heaviness like you get with most heat styling products.

Another tip when heat styling, finish blow drying each section with cool air to seal the cuticle which will make your hair extra shiny and protected!

Happy styling!