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Lip Perfection with Aveda

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Hello beauties, Skylar here with your Makeup Tip of the Week! This week we are focusing on those luscious lips of yours! I’ll be telling you how to get the perfect, soft, velvety pout using Aveda’s Nourish-Mint Lipsticks!
Lips are one of the hardest things to do properly in makeup. Crazy , right? Most people would think eyeshadow but in reality, the perfect lip takes a lot of finesse and finding the right product! The way I am going to show you is a 4 step system and will help you have long lasting colour that suits your personality and your hair colour. That’s right, your hair colour.

Aveda created their lipsticks to help compliment the colour of your hair! There are selections for those of you who are cool blonde, warm blonde, cool red, warm red, cool brunette and warm brunette! If you have black hair talk to an Aveda makeup artist, like myself, to help match your skin tone to your perfect colour.

The first step

in our lip “program” is the treatment. After you have washed and primed your face (click here to see what I recommend for that) apply Aveda’s Pure Nourish-mint lip treatment. It comes in a handy little tube just like a lipstick and you apply it like one too! You are going to leave this treatment on while you complete the rest of your face! When you’re done with the rest of your makeup, gently remove any of the treatment still on your lips using a cotton pad or piece of tissue and gently dabbing it off. DO NOT RUB! Rubbing will only make any skin that is still dry on your lips stick up.

Now that your lips are prepped,

its time to prime them! Just like with your foundation, a good primer will help keep your lipstick in place longer. Aveda’s Lip Definer is the perfect neutral base to help even out and prime your lips. Starting off with a neutral base helps the colour of the lipstick remain even and eliminates patchyness. Simply cover your lips in the primer, conviently in a thick pencil form, making sure to get right into the corners and to your lip line.

Lip liner is ESSENTIAL

to the perfect lip. It helps stop lipsticks from bleeding and you can use it to make your lips appear bigger as well! There are 2 options when it comes to choosing a lip liner. You can choose a colour that is similiar to your natural lip colour if you are not using a bold lip colour. If you are using a bold lip colour, find a liner that is close to the shade of lipstick you are using. For example, you wouldn’t want a peach lip liner with a bold red lip! Aveda Feed My Lips nourishing lip liners are some of the most creamy, pigmented and easily applied liners I have ever worked with (and I’ve been a makeup artist for 9 years before coming to 2545).

Applying the liner

can be pretty tricky sometimes and there are a couple ways to line your lips for different effects. Overlining is the process of lining your lips just outside the natural colour line. This creates an effect that makes your lips look bigger and more plump. The other way to line your lips is to follow the natural colour line, this emphasizes that natural fullness of your lips. Line your lips using smooth medium sized strokes. Line right to the corners. A little liner hack is to also fill in the part where your lips touch together, as this is where lipstick wears off the fastest.

Once your lips are lined,

grab your ideal Aveda Nourish-mint lipstick shade and use the 3 swipe method to quickly and evenly coat your lips in the perfectly pigmented colour. The 3 swipe method starts at your cupids bow (middle of upper lip) swipe once to each side and in to the corner with your mouth open and then 1 swipe from corner to corner on your bottom lip. Voila! The perfect pout is complete!

The bonus to the Aveda nourish-mint lip colour line is that, while giving you exceptional colour, it also gets absorbed by your lips and, with continued use, restores moisture and balance to your lips helping to reduce the fine lines that appear with age. The Nourish-mint line is created using 100% organic botanicals that were human tested only!!! As most of you know, Aveda is a cruelty free, vegan brand that doesn’t test on animals and doesn’t get others to test on animals either. Because our products are made without chemicals, testing on humans is, essentially, risk free!

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