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Meet Elena!

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The Beginning

Hi this is Elena, one of your front desk receptionists at the 2545 locations in Gibsons and in Sechelt.

I’m very happy that I can tell you the story about my crazy new start here on the Sunshine Coast in Canada.

Where I came from

I grew up in a very, very small town in the Swiss Mountains. After completing my 3 year apprenticeship in an office and 1 year in a Child Care Center my boyfriend and I started thinking about going on an adventure. It didn’t matter where or how we got there. We found this beautiful Coast while searching for a job for my boyfriend. Right then, we decided to move to the Sunshine Coast.

Starting a new job

I started working for Lauralye at 2545 Aveda Salon and Spa in August. First of all I wanna tell you how difficult it is to do your job in another language that you don’t speak 100% fluently. The start wasn’t easy at all. But I really like this job here because you have contact with so many other people. And I love it because I think that we all have a wonderfull teamwork!

I came to a completely new country, new system, new people and everyone has a totally different mentality. The first few months were very exhausting. I had to deal with learning so many impressions, but I’m so happy that I had so much help from all of our team and my friends here, especially our boss Lauralye! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to stay here in Canada and work for you!

Love it!

But let’s talk about the good things that I have experienced already in Canada. I’ve learned so many new things here! I’ve already met some amazing people here! We have so much fun together! I’m so happy that I met a bunch of Europeans who did exactly the same as I did. I made some friends here that will stay forever in my mind! And that’s the most important think, right?

Thanks for letting me share my experience with you!