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Tattoo Care With Aveda

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Our Owner, Lauralye Secord with her Aveda tattoo!

Tattoo Care With Aveda

Recently our fabulous owner, Lauralye, got her first tattoo! Yay! This brought up the topic of tattoo care and what is best to put on our bodies without using chemicals, to heal our new ink.

For example, doing a quick Google search suggests Lubriderm as a good moisturizer to use after getting a tattoo. However, two of the ingredients listed are Methylparaben and Propylparaben; both in the paraben family. Parabens are known to be used in many cosmetic products. These endocrine-disrupting ingredients have also been linked to breast cancer. Probably not the safest ingredients to be putting on your skin let alone a fresh wound.

Our skin care products are meant to work with your skin’s natural rhythm to restore whatever is missing. Keeping your tattoo clean is VERY important for the first week. The day after getting your tattoo we suggest using our very gentle, unscented Outer Peace Cleanser to gently cleanse with warm water. Hydrating treatment lotion is great to use during healing once the tattoo has begun to get dry and flakey (usually after about 3 days). We suggest using a small amount in your hand or using a spray nozzle and then gently rubbing in. Beautifying oil contains Jojoba oil, which mimics your skin’s natural sebum (oil). This is a good product to use sparingly in the late stages of healing to restore moisture to the skin.

Under any circumstance, you should always be aware of what you’re putting on your body and using Aveda products will ensure that what you are using is safe and made with ingredients you can feel good about.







*DISCLAIMER* You should always listen to your artist’s suggestions on aftercare. We only suggest being diligent about what you put on your body.