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The Lowdown on our Laydown

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Here at 2545 we have a couple tanning options for you. Our stand-ups have a maxiumum of 7 minutes and are high intensity! Our lay-downs have a maximum of 12 minutes and are combination high-pressure/high-intensity. Gone are the days of laying in a tanning bed for a half hour!

My oh my, how high-pressure indoor tanning beds have changed the game!

Combination High-Pressure UV provides you with the most comfortable tanning experience possible! Not only does this bed allow you to get a darker, deeper tan, but it is also better for your skin than the traditional lay downs of the past.
Our tanning bed is equipped with the optimum amount of UVA rays, giving you a better tan and decreased risk of negative skin reactions. Less sessions are needed to give you that amazing glow and you won’t need to come as often in order to maintain it! 
Did you know that a short tan can help allieviate depression, anxiety and wearyness by optimizing your vitamin D levels? It can also help with different skin conditions such as Acne, Dermatitis, Eczema, Mycosis fungoides, and psoriosis! Many dermatologists recommend and do phototherapy for these kinds of skin conditions. Phototherapy is the use of UV rays as treatment. Sometimes going into the office for these treatments can be off-putting, expensive or have to be booked way in advance and not as often as needed. In these cases, some dermatoligists recommend tanning in proper, advanced beds for short periods of time to help get these conditions under control.
Combination High-Pressure tanning beds take advantage of a 360-degree shape. This is radical and unlike conventional beds, using this configured angle, the lamps will be able to give your body an unparalleled even full body tan. No more creases or white spots! This bed softly supports customers while positioning them perfectly for an even distribution of UV light.
The bed includes a facial tanner, providing a beautiful glow and maximizing your tan experience.
You will stay cool and comfortable with it’s powerful rotary foot fan and gentle face fan, both of which are completely customizable to the strength you like!
Pick up the perfect tanning lotion at either of our locations to maximize your tanning results and help to hydrate and restore your skin. Yes, tanning lotions are now made focusing on skin care first, before the focus on the tan. Some even contain hyaluronic acid!
Ask one of our staff to help you find the best lotion for your skin.
Currently available in Sechelt and stay tuned for the arrival of our high pressure bed in Gibsons come March!