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Aveda Be Curly co-wash

Formulated for curly hair! This product is amazing if you need more conditioning. It is a sulfate free cleansing alternative (meaning it doesn’t foam up) but contains both clarifying surfactants and moisturizing conditioners. (Think 2 in 1.)
The babassu oil in the co-wash has non-greasy properties, so it combats dandruff and helps to balance our scalp’s natural oils. This oil also contains high levels of saturated fats which make it stable, and possess anti-inflammatory effects , protecting hair follicles and strengthening collagen fibres.
There’s also aloe! 
Aloe works on hair by stripping excess oils and residues from product buildup, while preserving the hair’s integrity. Vitamins A,C and E promote healthy cell growth and shiny hair. It also increases blood flow to our scalp, possibly decreasing loss and breakage.

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  1. Deanna Fox

    I absolutely love the smell of this product! I just wanted to also mention that for me personally it has helped with de-tangling my hair as well – not nearly as hard to get a brush through!

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